Recording your thoughts however, whenever, wherever TodayIFeel is a free service which helps you keep track of your thoughts and emotions on the go. Think of it like a personal diary which automagically orders your thoughts. You can start tracking anything you like and the diary will follow your lead. To begin tracking something new, say for example, your sleep, just enter ‘sleep=3’.

Date: 2010 - 2012
Collaborators: Gergely Varga
Deliverables: Therapeutic System
Methods: Paper Prototyping, Roleplay, Observation, Expert Reviews
Tools:Drupal, SMS Gateway, php, MySQL, Google Charts
Funding: Allied Irish Bank Better Ireland Awards
ESB Electric Aid

How does it work?

TodayIFeel automatically picks up things you want to track if they are in the following format ‘whatever=4’. It will realise that you want to then you can view your entries on the graph page . For example if you send in 'mood=7 not feeling great' then will auto pick that you want to start tracking mood and will appear on the graph. You can also see your thoughts in the diary section.

How do I send my thoughts in?

You can send information in by SMS, email, twitter or online.

How will I remember?

You can setup reminders , to remind you what and when to record. You can receive SMS and/or email alerts. You might like to randomize when and how you receive the messages to keep you on your toes.